Support Services


“HUD-funded programs that provide emergency shelter and transitional housing (for up to two years) are available for all immigrants, regardless of immigration status…”


Transportation in the Phoenix region is an essential component of The Homeless Initiative operation. The company plans to purchase several vans for this purpose and operate a transportation division of the program.


Clothing is an essential item for each and every immigrant or refugee. About 50% of this need are donated and then obtained from sources like the Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, and with our own nonprofit. 


Immigrant and refugee employment issues are often difficult to resolve, especially for undocumented immigrants. Our nonprofit has asked Governor Hobbs office to consider issuing a “work permit for each immigrant that signs an agreement.” This agreement would then allow them to legally work in The Homeless Initiative program, but with a commitment that they would complete all required legal steps and court appearances for immigration.

Food Services

About 2.1 million immigrants work in jobs growing, harvesting, processing, and selling food in the United States, serving an essential role in feeding America.

These roles also play a role in feeding this vast population. Immigrants are the foundation of farm to table in our country.


“Refugees and immigrants who are admitted to the United States have access to health insurance through Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Refugee Medical Assistance (RMA), or the Health Insurance Marketplace.” This nonprofit plans to speak with Governor Hobb’s office about using ACCESS in Arizona.

(Some of the Support Services are still in the start-up stages as of May 1, 2023.)

Other Services

Lulu's Love Paks

This is LuLu. She is eight years old and lives in Arizona. For Christmas 2022, she asked her mother if they could create bags to fill for the homeless. On her way to school each day, she sees many poor and homeless people on the streets. In the bags, she put granola bars, soap, wash clothes, socks, toothpaste and a toothbrush, water, a candy bar, and other small items. Her grandmother is the Founder of The Homeless Initiative, and LuLu and her mom and dad agreed that we could create “LuLu’s Love Paks" for this organization. Since this idea originated with LuLu, her photo will be on each “pak.” Variations of the LuLu Love Paks will be handed out to immigrants, refugees, and homeless in the U.S.

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