U.S. Homelessness

As the political parties and politicians disagree about border regulations - human beings are being used as pawns in a dangerous and lethal chess game. Few social problems are as visible as the plight of homeless people - whether they are refugees fleeing violence or war, or those who live on the street in U.S. cities and rural America. "As of May 2022, 100 million individuals are forcibly displaced worldwide." www.unrefugees.org

Sadly, Gila County in Arizona has an alarming high rate of those living hand-to-mouth and sleeping wherever it is dry. This homeless population includes a large number of veterans - our nation's heroes, but also a disproportionate number of elderly, single mothers, and even children - our nation's future. Gila County also has the highest rate of suicides in Arizona at 27% per 100,000 individuals.

Arizona, as a border state, offers numerous refugee services such as: employment, case management, cash assistance, temporary medical insurance, behavioral health services, unaccompanied refugee minors programs, and assistance to victims of human trafficking or torture.

The U.S. Homeless Program provides: (1) a warm, safe, and clean space to sleep, (2) a nourishing meal, (3) a shower, and (4) LuLu's Love Pak. This is a bag with socks, food, a wash cloth, soap, and other toiletries. The U.S. Homeless Resolution Program works with other local partners for long-term care needs, shelter, training and employment.

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